Saturday, 16 November 2013

Silk Road - Camberwell Church Street, SE5

Silk Road does lot's of things really bloody well but fuck me the lamb shish is just amazing.  Smokey, salty, cumin skewered lamb with a little bit of chilli.  Each nugget of lamb next to a nugget of creamy fat...

I day dream about them most days.  I'm not joking either; if you go to Silk Road and don't order the lamb shish you are an idiot.  It's far from a one trick pony though and there is so much awesome to choose from.

The lamb and spring onions was fresh and punchy.  Home style cabbage is a must order dish; crunchy spicy heaven basically.  The smashed cucumber dish was devoured in seconds with it's moreish marinade.

The dumplings here are insanely cheap adding even more to the great value of this place.  We'd gone for the pork and the veggie ones.  Both were pretty great but even better when smeared in the juice and fat that drips off the lamb skewers.

Medium plate chicken is a beast of epic proportions... A huge bowl of chicken and potatoes with deeply flavoured and suprisingly spicy broth!  The numbing heat of the sichuan peppercorns slowly building up makes this pretty damn moreish.

I probably need some guidance eating this though as after you start a plate of huge belt noodles is dropped in as if the chicken and potato weren't enough?  How the hell are you meant to eat them with chopsticks?

I can't wait to go back.  For four of us with eight beers between us the bill came to sixty english pounds.  Simply brilliant value; you'll need to book though, I've tried to visit* quite a few times and been turned away as they are so busy...

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*If you do get turned away all is not lost don't worry. Just go to FM Mangal over the road!

Edit: !
More stuff you should try: Double cooked pork belly is freaking amazing!  Tender pork belly with soft silky onions and LOTS of fiery chilli is an absolute delight.

The beef fried dumplings are pretty good; probably better than the steamed variety and still dirt cheap.  TEP noodles sounds weird but is delicious; TEP basically means tomato egg and pepper.

Imagine spicy scrambled egg; we all more or less said at the same time it'd make an awesome breakfast.

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