Monday, 5 March 2012

Rib-eye McHarrods Double Cheese Burger

I’m still searching for the perfect burger and when I spotted this one hundred percent rib-eye version in Harrods I knew I had to give it a go. Two hundred grams of minced rib eye for four pounds fifty a pop isn’t too pricey is it?

The simple answer is yes; but in the end I bit the bullet. What would be the best way of putting them to the test though?

Of course I settled on replicating one of the cheapest offerings on the market. It had to be the Double Cheese burger from McDonalds; which happens to be my order of choice at the moment when I step into the golden arches.

To start with the burgers were too big for this plan so I reformed them into 100g patties and in proper McD style seasoned them only with salt and pepper. I could tell the meat had been ground a bit finer than I’d normally like but even raw it tasted pretty good.

I wanted them quite rare still so they only got a minute on each side in a hot griddle pan then rested for another minute as well. In all honesty they looked a bit anaemic and I instantly regretted not keeping them bigger so I could get a bit more colour on them but any longer and they would have been over cooked.

Rib-eye definitely makes an awesome burger but in this case the grind was far too fine leaving quite a smooth texture in the mouth. It brought to mind the kind of steak hache you might give a child to get them used to meat!

Flavour wise they were superb and I think next time I’d maybe treat them with a little more respect. If rib-eye isn’t your thing though you can pick up a fillet burger for £6.95 as well…


  1. Don't talk to me about burgers, you bastard. I'm bloody doing mental 6am bootcamp like an idiot. I want burgers. Sob.

  2. Why the hell you doing that??? Mental ness of the highest order in my book that!

  3. paying £4.50 for 2 burgers you must be mad! you may aswell burn your money mate!

  4. Clearly not one for the detail there Anon; it was £4.50 EACH!