Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bao - Kerb, Kings Cross Boulevard, N1

What a lovely little strumpet; soft, pillowy, savoury, and sweet all at the same time.  The shredded pork belly bun from Bao is a proper treat!

I can only assume the buns are made with magic?  They just look so fricking sexy.  The filling was damned near perfect; crunchy peanut topping, fresh coriander, something vinegary as well?

Who know's what withcraft goes into making them?  I don't and I don't actually care as they are gorgeous.  Teamed up with some pretty special butter milk fried chicken with a tangy hot sauce for seven English pounds you can't go wrong.

The branding is brilliant as well!  The sign perfectly indicates the only safe way to eat the precious cargo without spilling meat down your suit...


  1. Soy milk fried chicken!!

  2. The bun look's really weird, but in a good way. The chicken looks really interesting.