Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dishoom - Boundary Street, E2

This could have been an amazing meal and looks wise Dishoom is a pretty cool little venue in my books.  Eating out on the veranda when the sun's out was a delight but the whole experience left me wanting sadly.

The food was almost spot on but one or two things just made me think they could try a little harder.  The idea of Cheesey naan and the house dhal was too good not to try.
The naan was actually pretty special, light flaky bread filled with melted cheddar.  The house dhal though was surprisingly bland and put together it just reminded me of baked beans on toast.
The veg samosa were pretty good; the fried okra chips were delicious and basically like fried vegetable crack.  What the fuck happened to the lamb chops though?
The menu tells us they come charred outside and pink inside but ours seemed to have been a bit fucked.  The meat was cooked through to well-done and the bones snapped as I picked them up such was the ferocity of the treatment they’d received.
Food aside service was pretty slack; the bill for what was essentially a snack was fairly steep as well at £43 between us with a drink each.  Could have been an off day; could be amazing next time I go, would I try them again? Probably!

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