Thursday, 14 April 2011

You want Sauce? Dirty Kebab House Chilli Sauce

If you are anything like me you are probably not much a stranger to the humble Kebab.  It’s a long standing favourite of mine and the combination of meat and spice satisfies like nothing else after a few drinks.

This is my recipe for a quick and dirty kebab sauce that’s guaranteed to get your arse twitching.  I’ve spent years trying out different combos and ingredients but to get proper kebab house sauce you need to keep it simple and HOT.

It’s all about the speed for me when I’m in the mood for a post pub snack and this couldn’t get any easier.  Chop six whole red chillies and an onion; add these to a pan with a splash of oil on a medium heat.  Soften for a few minutes to release the natural chilli oils and then add your tin of chopped tomatoes.

Turn up the heat and let it reduce for a few minutes till the sauce thickens up nicely.  Add a punch of salt and a pinch of sugar and you are done.  Perfect Kebab House Chilli sauce every time!

This makes quite a bit of sauce but it keeps well and is quite versatile.  I love how well this goes with creamy Feta and juicy Chicken but it would work well with fish or tofu.  Perfect to mop up some booze at the end of the night!


6 whole Chillies
1 Small Onion
1 Tin of Tomatoes
A Punch of Salt
A Pinch of Sugar


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  1. "Oi mate you want chilli sauce, extra sexy super hot?"

    "Yesh *hic* yesh loads of it"


    Catastrophe and pain in the morning

    But you can never resist eh?

  2. You've got to take the rough with the smooth and sometimes it helps if you keep the bog roll in the FRIDGE!

  3. This sounds pretty damn mean, but in a good way. I've recently discovered Waitrose's tins of cherry toms (middle class, moi?), and I bed they would make a superb chilli sauce with your recipe.

    This is certainly a sauce that would cut through the post-pub scuzz covering your taste buds. At that time f night, subtle is the last thing you want.

  4. I'm ashamed to say that last time I was very drunk I had doner meat with a rather large amount of sauce similar to this, but not even in a kebab. Just with chips.

  5. @Aaron I have recently had a very middle class conversation about the relative merits of Waitrose and M&S blini's. The Cherry Toms are definitely on my shopping list next time I'm down at Waitrose

    @Dave If truth be told I've had a Kebab Meat and Chips a LOT! I have been known to put grated cheese on as well. It is officially amazing!

  6. "arse-twitching".

    Now that made my sphincter contract with a ceremonial trumpet salute.

    Nice blog. Glad someone else is doing something interesting out there in the intermaweb blog sphere.

  7. I'm attempting round 2 of chicken kebab tonight and needed a chilli sauce, so will try this. Looks simple enough. Like me...
    Definitely needs to be as hot coming out as going in. May up the chillies.