Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The W Hotel - Wardour Street, W1

So we got to stay at the rather sexy W hotel a while back. Wedged between Leicester Square and China Town the W isn’t exactly what you’d call subtle.

I guess though given its surroundings you could hardly expect anything else. The reception and lounge though are more welcome than a cold beer on a hot day after the general sleaze outside.

Cool and more importantly calm you are a world away from the hordes of tourists and you start to get a feel of what the hotel is all about!

Wandering around you feel like you are inside a Wallpaper photo shoot. With the latest coffee table books, erotic plates on the walls and more wood than Ron Jeremy it’s certainly making a statement.

When we get to our room we are definitely pleased. It’s a great size for a central London hotel, the bed is huge and extremely comfortable and the finish is to a very high standard.

The shower and toilet are seemingly hidden in a mirrored cupboard but with this clever use of space you gain a fantastic dressing area. You swiftly realise the whole point of the place when you get upstairs.

It’s a party hotel pure and sweet. The rooms are perfect to get ready in before you hit the town. The bed will nurse you through the worst of hangovers and the shower will wash away that London Grime…

If other things are on your mind just take a quick look in the drawer above the mini-bar and you’ll find all sorts of toys. No explanation needed I hope?

I couldn’t stay here for more than a weekend but if you are hitting town for a big night out and want to stay somewhere in style and maybe party afterwards this is definitely the place to go.

When we get back after our night out there was a queue of people waiting to get into the Wyld Bar. It was nice walking straight past them and up into hotel but I hope they didn’t realise I was going straight to bed and not up to the bar to start the party again…


  1. Certainly looks glam, but how comfortable is it? Seems a bit cold?

  2. but why why WHY is there an M&Ms world at the bottom of it?!

  3. @louis It's pretty comfy actually. The bar and lounge has great seating. Quick and friendly table service as well. The bed is really good. Loved the shower as well, it's definitely in my top three showers of all time!

    @Lizzie I KNOW! Most random choice in the world, it is basically Leicester Square though so I guess you have to expect some tat somewhere...

  4. Glamorous! I'll be visiting London later this month, wanted to do shopping in this hotel..