Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Admiral Codrington - Mossop Street SW3

There’s a lot to like about the Admiral Codrington. From outside it looks very unassuming; tucked away down a sleepy Chelsea side street it seems like your typical quiet boozer.

Walking through the doors though you realise it’s not so much of a well kept secret. The bar was full with happy a Sloane crowd relaxing and enjoying one or two post work gins.

Once you get through the throng and into the restaurant things get a lot more relaxed. The bar soon felt a million miles away as I tucked into my pint and started reading the menu.

I’d already decided on the burger before we’d even got through the door. Having read a post from the Burgerac I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

To start though we shared the Chilli Salt Squid and the Courgette Flower stuffed with Ricotta. Both quite simple and quick but a lot of flavour all the same.

Chilli Squid seems to be quite popular at the moment as they sell it down the road at the Thomas Cubitt as well. I’d be hard pushed to say which is better but I love squid and chilli so I was happy.

The Lady enjoyed her stuffed Courgette Flower; the Salsa Verde brought the whole thing to life. It was a shame that there was only one in the portion but delicious all the same.

Onto the mains and the Lady ordered the Black Leg Chicken breast. It looked good but I didn’t try it as I was busy getting involved with my burger so I won't pass comment.

The Burger?  The meat was fantastic, a perfect medium rare, really juicy and well seasoned. So juicy in fact the brioche bun struggled to stay together. The pickles were great but I was disappointed with the cheese.

Cheddar just doesn’t cut it for me in a burger and I think this would have been awesome with a bit of gooey plastic American cheese! The chips were more like roast potatoes but absolutely cracking as well.

All in all it was a great meal and I was definitely impressed.  The Cod is a great example of how good modern british pub cooking should and can be.  I'll be booking a return visit to try the rest of the menu soon enough!

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  1. Love the second photo of the bitten burger,and agree a plastic slice of American (or dairylea) would be perfect:)

  2. Got to love the dairylee! It's awful stuff but on a burger it just seems right :^)