Monday, 22 March 2010

Speck Rendena, Salame di Capriolo - Madonna di Campiglio

The Lady has done me proud, after neglecting me for a week to go Skiing with her folks she has brought back a wealth of treats from the Italian Alps around Madonna di Campiglio.

Asides from the bizarre Bombardino Liquor, imagine Advocaat and the always wonderful Limoncello she brought back some fantastic meats. The Italians do a lot of things really well...

Surrendering, Political sleaze and corruption rating high in the list but they sure as shit know their meat and especially how to make it last.

She picked up some fantastic Speck from the Salumificio Val Rendena, this beautifully deep red ruby meat, with a rich creamy acorn tinged flavour to the fat was heaven.

Ever slightly salty it blew me away, made just down the road from where the Lady stayed it was amazing local produce and from my research quite successful as well, being made by the same family for 60 years.

The anthropomorphic packaging portrayed a happy smiley pig but in fact it was me who was the happy smiley pig going back for slice after slice.

My other treat was an amazing Salame di Capriolo. Capriolo is a town as well as the name for Roe Deer in Italian so the sausage is from the town and made with deer that shares it’s name.

Surprisingly mild tasting with sweetness coming through from the pork fat that peppers the length of the Salame. It looked like the buck shot that I imagine took down the beast it was made from.

I’m probably over romanticising this but when you compare what is available to us in our supermarkets to the beautiful product available overseas you can imagine why I get a bit misty eyed over the real thing. I’ve been told it has to last... We’ll see how long I can resist.


  1. In my experience, you can never go too far wrong with pork, especially when its been cured.

    Wish I was back in Italy!!!


  2. True... I was only troubled by the use of "length of salame" but fantastic meats all the same