Friday, 26 March 2010

The Hop - Granary Wharf, Leeds

I’d been looking forward to this opening for a while now and so being given the chance to pop down for the official opening was all the excuse I needed to go out on a school night.

As I walked over the footbridge into Granary Wharf I was really impressed, the scaffolding is gone and the building works now complete.

It’s newly built but it looks like it’s always been there, the new blending seemlessly with the old. A good crowd were already at the bar by the time we arrived and you could already tell there was a good buzz in the air about the place.

Osset Brewery is definitely trying to be cool by the looks of the decor, the Yorkshire credentials being reinforced in the shape of a huge Cribs mural and a rather large portrait of Jarvis Cocker looking down over the bar area.

There is a lot of art work about the place which gives a definite young and fresh feel to the bar. We went upstairs to take it all in; it’s difficult to judge a bar when it’s an invite only event, the crowd is never going to be the same as normal and I suspect there were one or two more ‘suits‘ than we could normally expect.

It took me a fair while to warm to the place, the Lady said it looked like a Weatherspoons and to be fair some of the decor is quite gaudy in places.

As the night wore on though my opinions soon changed. This might have had something to do with the beer, which was spot on by the way, and as the suits started to vanish and the band started up and it all sort of fell together.

It’s a good times bar, good music, good atmosphere and great beer. This is definitely an excellent addition to Granary Wharf and I’m looking forwards to popping down again very soon.

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