Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ed's Easy Diner - Old Compton Street, Soho.

We hadn’t planned to go to Ed’s last week, we were out in Soho enjoying the sights and frankly feeling a little star struck after seeing the living legend that is Sanjay from Eastenders.

We’d booked an offer elsewhere but the menu left us reeling so we quickly fled and the sleazy 1950’s glamour of Ed’s Diner sucked us in; like moths in a distillery we slowly made our along Old Compton Street to our prize.

The decor and music allowed us to make easy assumptions about what was going to be on the menu and we weren’t shocked to find the safe selection of burgers and hotdogs...

Sitting at the counter service was really quick and friendly; within moments we'd ordered Cheesy Chips with Bacon Bits and a Cheeseburger a-piece. The chips were served soon after our drinks and I was delighted to see a huge amount of American Squeeze-Cheese oozing all over them.

The chips themselves weren’t great but this was masked and enhanced by the cloying mass of "cheese product" destined to swiftly clog my arteries.

The Burgers weren’t too far behind, served medium, they were of standard quality. Juicy as it was it would have been helped with seasoning but went down quickly. I think the drink had a helping hand in that but if you've had a Byron's you might be a bit disappointed.

Overall we actually really enjoyed the meal, it was good fun sitting up at the counter and the service really did make up for the mediocre plastic food.

Don’t get me wrong if you want something special go somewhere else but if you are looking for a cheap bite and a drink Ed’s is worth a try.

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  1. Love the neon sign.Sometimes all you need is a bit of plastic cheese on your burger.