Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wasabi Teppenyaki - Granary Wharf, Leeds

With all the recent interest in the Granary Wharf project it seemed rude that we hadn't tried one of the stalwarts of the area Wasabi Teppenyaki.

Based next door to the newly open Hop and directly across from the latest addition in the Leeds hotel scene City Inn; Wasabi Teppenyaki is like a sleeping dragon set to cash in on the new developments around it.

We popped in on a Thursday night and I was quite surprised by how quiet it was, our welcome was friendly and we were quickly offered drinks by our host in a traditional Komono.

The restaurant is sleek and minimalist with low wooden tables in the waiting area, though not overly modern or appearing to be trying too hard in the decor.

After having a bit of time with the menus we were guided through the restaurant to the main act, the Hibachi grills... All steel and stone, the haze of heat and gentle discolouration in the steel top letting us know it was ready to go.

We shared a simple starter of of Tempura Prawns which I thought were beautiful, the Lady thought it was maybe a little oily. But dipped in soy, they were little sweet crisp treasures that just kick started the appetite before our mains.

I went for the Beef Fillet and the lady went for the Jumbo Scallops, our chef came out to the grill to begin the show. We were treated to Japanese fireworks, huge flaming pyrotechnics started by burning oil before the cooking can start.

What struck me was the amount of butter that goes into the cooking process, it's no wonder it was so amazingly rich.

The Beef fillet was cooked perfectly at medium rare and melted in the mouth like the butter it was cooked in. The Lady's Scallops came in a mammoth portion considering the price and were equally as delicious and rich as my steak.

We went for some plain rice to accompany the mains which also came with mountains of bean sprouts giving a welcome change in texture and at least mentally it seemed like we were giving a nod towards healthy.

We popped in for a quick meal as I was at the Hop opening next door, the service was great. Quick and efficient, the chef was friendly and clearly knew his stuff. I was really pleasantly surprised by how good everything was.

It wasn't cheap though, £42 for two mains and a starter which were all fantastic we had a couple of soft drinks as well.

I'd definitely recommend coming down to try this out, though I would say if you are having some booze with dinner bring a bit more cash with you and if you are feeling hungry you'll want to order a bit more than we did as I could have easily eaten a fair amount more given how gorgeous everything was.


  1. I've somehow never had teppanyaki. Must rectify this.

    Btw, I want that doll.

  2. It had our tab number tipexed on the back of it's head poor thing. I don't think Teppenyaki will change your world too much but it is nice, simple food and very fun! I want the massive sumo painting fo sho :D