Friday, 28 February 2014

Morito - Exmouth Market, EC1

Lovely lazy Sunday afternoons are made for tapas!  I'd normally head over to Jose on Bermondsey Street but being especially lazy on this particular Sunday we just rolled down the hill to Exmouth Market.

Morito is brightly decorated and has a buzzy atmosphere but is essentially a tiny space.  Nothing more than a few tables squeezed in along a main bar.  I love this sort of set up; you sit cheek by jowel and jostle for space overlooking the open kitchen slash bar.

The wine list and cocktail menu seem perfect for afternoon boozing.  The bicicleta is a favourite of mine and is well worth a punt.  Lovely lovely campari mixed with nothing more than white wine.

Any way the food is a mix of tapas and mezze; it's spanish but with clear middle eastern influence.  I love the cheeky little Jamon and chicken croquettas.  Deeply savoury, rich, and creamy once you crack that crisp shell.

Next up was a huge plate of puntillitas, baby squid, dusted with sumac.  What's not to like about crispy fried squid babies?  I loved the merguez sausage with harrisa and yoghurt.  It just begged to be rolled up in the buttery flat bread and eaten like a little kebap.

The lamb chops with cumin and paprika were freaking delicious.  The creamy fat and juicy pink meat charred and sultry fresh from the grill.  Just gorgeous.  As a nod to something healthy we had a plate of cavelo nero, savoy cabbage, and kale dressed with lemon, garlic, and paprika as well.  Lush.

In short just go.

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