Friday, 4 April 2014

Polpetto - Berwick Street, W1

Really not a lot to say about Polpetto that hasn't been said before. Generally faultless food, great atmosphere, and friendly service.

The absolute highlight of the evening was possibly the simplest dish.  Beetroot with gorgonzola and poppy seeds; simply perfect.

The earthy richness of the beetroot and creamy gorgonzola are such a perfect match it was all I could do not to lick the plate clean of those last drips of juice and smears of cheese...

Veal cheeks with fennel was probably the dullest dish of the evening. Just simply nothing to right home about.  I loved the bacon chop.  It's a BACON chop.

Burrata with aggreti and chilli was more simple cheesey heaven.  I think I expected more from the scallops, lardo, and cauliflower which was good but not that good.

With that I'm done. Go now or don't. What ever...

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