Monday, 17 February 2014

The Butcher's Dog - Turner and George, N1

I make little secret of it; I fucking love a good hot dog.  Getting your hands on a decent one in London though is not as easy as you'd think.

I've trawled Jewish deli's all over North London trying to find kosher brands like Hebrew National with less than much success.  It turns out they aren't really that popular over here...

You can guarantee getting Herta's furters in every corner shop or supermarket these days.  I will admit I love them, unhealthily so it seems,  the salty tubes of pork do have a somewhat addictive quality.

I thought it was about time I tried to find one of a little higher quality... Turner and George have been set up in Angel for a while now and you can now buy packs of their Butcher's Dog in the shop and online.

You remember them right?  They set up East London Steak Co and already make, in my opinion, one of the best burgers in London so they have some bloody good pedigree.  Put simply their Butcher's Dogs are the best hot dog I've ever eaten.

Made with a mix of rare breed pork and beef to a secret recipe so I'm not sure exactly what's in them but I'm going to guess it's good.  A firm bite from the skin, expertly seasoned meat, leaving a sweet savoury delight in the mouth.

Simply perfect.

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