Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Bull and Last - Highgate Road, NW5

OK so I'm probably a bit late to the game here but I've been meaning to try out the Bull and Last for a while.  I love a scotch egg so I'm always looking for an excuse to try a new one and following a walk round Highgate Cemetery we knew where to go.

The Scotch egg was pretty good actually; nicely cooked egg, runny yolk, well seasoned meat, crisp crumb coating.  I was pretty pleased overall and would definitely be raving about them if I hadn't tried the trotter won tons as well.
They were hot porky tubes of molten joy.  As soon as you took a bite your fingers were sticky with meat, gelatine, and sauce; the hot filling escaping as you bit through the crisp wrappers.

Absolutely delicious and pretty fucking perfect if you ask me.  I followed the snacks with a pretty decent if a little unwieldy burger.

The meat was cooked perfectly medium rare but due to the sheer size of the thing it was tough to get to grips with.  Great pickles, not so great cheese which quickly congealed on top of the patty.

The fries were pretty decent as well.  We waddled stuffed with food back down to the bus stop to get home but it was well worth the trip.

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  1. WONTONS! Those look suspiciously like spring rolls to me ;)

    1. Haha I'm not going to question the lady who's just come back from Hong Kong on that one but that's what they called them on the menu :^D

  2. I'm with you on this one. It does some of the best meat in London. The bit that topped it for me was the roast rib of beef for two. Heaven on a board. The rest is pretty damn good to. One to cross London for.

  3. check out at St.Pancras station. As well as awesome other food such as pies they do some amazing scotch eggs. I always pass by and grab a couple black pudding scotch eggs when back in the city. It is one of the highlights of returning back to London

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  5. Luvin' da scotch eggs. Can't believe I missed those wontons.