Sunday, 16 May 2010

Old Hall Inn - Threshfield, West Yorkshire

Good old fashioned grub in a good old fashioned pub? The Old Hall Inn is a twee old place, in the seemingly two street village of Threshfield.

The solid Yorkshire stone of the building, the wooden furniture of the main bar and the trusty hand pulled beer on tap all set certain expectations into your mind.

They had Landlord on tap, the food was fine and the service friendly but why wasn't I impressed?

I went for the home-made pate, a rustic non-descript Liver variety, it wasn't indicated on the menu which animal had given up it's goodness...

For mains I went for the "Award winning Bangers and Mash". Again the menu didn't elaborate further, I was beginning to see a trend here.

The sausages were good and the gravy was rich and thick; the mash though let it down and was a bit lumpy.

All in all the food and service is fine, good in all honesty but only in the way that so many other country pubs are good. I could have had this meal anywhere in the Dales. If you are hungry and driving by you could do a lot worse.

Of the four of us everyone was happy with their meals and agreed it was good pub food but we didn't stick round for deserts. To kind of indicate my mild apathy towards it I couldn't be bothered to take photos of the food.


  1. There are few things in life that are a bigger disappointment to me than finding lumps in my mash!

  2. Its a shame we accept mediocre food in this country because good food pubs are so few and far between!

  3. Don't get me wrong here I'd be more than happy to pay for this food again. It just didn't wow me, there is so much good food in the Dales it's a curse as well as a blessing to the businesses out there.