Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tayyabs - Fieldgate Street, E1

In and out in under forty minutes.  Tayyabs do not fuck about on a Saturday night.

With people queuing out of the door and chaos in the lobby it was a good thing we'd booked.  Every time I've been to Tayyabs it has been manic but that all adds to the charm.
With this many people waiting you know you are on to a good thing.  Once at the table we give the menu a quick look but we both already know what we want to eat.

Mutton tikka and lamb chops to start, dry meat, prawn karahi, keema and garlic naan, and a portion of rice. BOSH.

The tikka and chops are on the table within seconds of our order being taken.  They must be constantly cooking meat in the kitchen, just firing it out to keep up with the demand from the front of house.

As we gnaw on the chops I imagine that Tayyabs are probably keeping at least one Halal slaughterhouse in business on their own.  As I put the last bone down they are quickly picked up and whisked away by the omnipresent waiting staff.

As quick as the starters disappeared our mains are with us.  Despite its name the dry meat is simply fantastic; it has to be one of the best curries I've had outside Bradford.

It's got everything you need from a curry; spice, heat, and that rich gravy that coats juicy chunks of meat that you could cut with a spoon.  You should always order dry meat.

With a jug of the lassi our bill comes to £45 and before I've got my coat on the table is wiped and reset for the next couple.  I heart this place.

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  1. I heart Tayyabs too. Apparently so does the rest of London, according to this map let's hope its not spoilt for its original fanbase!