Friday, 21 June 2013

Polpo - Beak Street, W1

Anyone heading down to the Wilderness festival this year is going to be in for a treat.  I was lucky enough to try out Russell Norman’s menu for Polpo this week and can safely say it has whet my appetite anew for the feasts to come. I’ve tried very hard to not sound like a smug wanker writing this... I don’t think I’ve succeeded but at least I tried right?
Crostino and grissini to start; the rocket and walnut pesto was fresh and vibrant, the pepper and creamy nuttiness make this a great way to fire up your appetite.  The creamed salt cod was delicious as well, delicately seasoned and pretty sexy alongside the rustic Trebbiano we were drinking.

The fennel salami and radicchio grissini looked almost too good to eat but were demolished quickly.  Next came some beautiful little Arancini, lightly fried with gooey mozzarella on the inside it’s difficult to find fault with food this gorgeous.

The mackerel tartare was a delight with the paper thin carta di musica and horseradish dressing.  Risi e bisi is a traditionally venetian dish served with the first of the seasons peas every year.

Imagine a soupy risotto and you’ll be there.  By the time the feast comes round they’ll be able to use fresh English peas so I’m expecting this to be even better at the festival!

Lamb and salsa verde continued the simple theme and again was delicious.  Finishing up with Tiramisu was the perfect way to end the meal really.
If the weather is good, which it should be, the feast will be served in the open air of the festival.  Sun shining, wine flowing, good times.

If you haven’t booked already get your arse in gear!