Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Buffalo Belly Pork

So this is the sort of food that basically will take years off your life.  Tasty but oh my god please don’t eat too much of this shit!

I decided to try this on a whim; Waitrose had some pork on offer and the rest as they say is history.  It’s pretty easy to prepare as well and you can knock this up whilst pottering about the house.
You’ll want to marinate your pork belly in hot sauce first for couple of hours or overnight it doesn’t really matter.  I used a mix of Franks Red Hot and their Buffalo sauce...
Throw your pork belly in the oven at about 140c for about three hours.  This renders the fat out nicely so the belly slices effectively confit in the mix of marinade and delicious pork juice.
When you are ready to eat turn up the oven for a while to get some nice colour on the meat. Chop up some carrots and celery and knock up some blue cheese dressing. 
The best dressing I’ve found is the simplest; sour cream mixed with blue cheese equals job done.  Throw on more hot sauce as well and you are good to go!

Just an FYI you’ll want a lie down afterwards so don’t plan anything major...

Pork Belly
Hot Sauce
Blue Cheese Dressing


  1. You are slowly but surely becoming the cardiac blogger Paul but sounds good to me ; P

    1. The healthy stuff doesn't inspire me so much sadly. I'm eating tonnes of the good healthy shit at the moment that's why I'm not blogging so much recently.

  2. Damn that looks good. Bloody love some buffalo sauce.