Monday, 26 November 2012

Wishbone - Brixton Village, SW9

Proper Buffalo wings and Deep fried mac and cheese?  Fuck yeah.

We weren’t here for the pasta but as sides go it’s certainly a statement.  Wishbone is the work of food writer William Leigh and the people behind Meatliquor.
With that sort of pedigree it’s got its work cut out and for me it delivered everything I hoped.  We popped down early on Saturday evening and it made the perfect pre-gig meal to keep us going into the early hours.

We tried as much as we could; the Buffalo wings were my favourite, crisp from the fryer coated in rich and fierce hot sauce with a deliciously creamy blue cheese dressing.

It all went pretty quickly but I loved the bites of chicken thigh whether with sliced chilli and mint or the moreish salt and pepper variety.  The Korean wings were rich and sour but couldn’t quite match the punch of the Buffalo wings.

The deep fried mac and cheese though was just lush and the perfect foil to the hot sauce sweats once the wings got too much!  Looking like a spam fritter that crisp shell gives way to a sexy rich pasta and cheese filling; savoury, sweet, and soft all at the same time.

The Czech craft beer was delicious as well but I’ll never enjoy paying £4.20 for a can.  That’s the one thing I’d change; get something on draft!

Go if you enjoy sharing food with friends over some drink and love a great atmosphere.  Keep up the good work!

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  1. Looks brilliant, will definitely try next time I'm in the area.

  2. Love your blog and this post! I'm still dreaming about those mac and cheese bites!