Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mangal 2 - Stoke Newington Rd, N16

A few months ago I moved away from Victoria and I’ve been feeling something akin to withdrawal.  For a long time I’ve had a two kebab a week habit at the frankly excellent Cyprus Mangal and I am need of a fix!

As I’ve lost about a stone in the time I’ve been gone I thought it was high time to find a replacement and hopefully one near to me in Smithfield.  After a very lazy bit of research on line, I asked twitter, Mangal 2 in Dalston became my first target.
Mangal 2 won’t win any design awards; it’s rather beat up inside but frankly who gives a shit about looks when you are after some grilled meat?  I was feeling hungry so we went for some starters as well but I think we may have over done it...

Hummus was, well, hummus basically but good to dip some of the massive, gratis, portion of Turkish bread that had been delivered to the table.  The Musgar Boregi were four healthy sized parcels of molten cheesy napalm but delicious all the same.   We ordered a portion of the Califulya; a green bean and carrot salad, served cold bathed in olive oil which was not as bad as it looked.

For my main I of course went for the Yaprak Doner!  The house special doner made with 100% lamb steak.

You can’t quite gauge the scale of the plate of meat I received from the photo but for £8.95 the portion was huge.  I would have preferred maybe a bit more char on the meat in places but with the house sauces drizzled on top it was a pretty gorgeous meal.  Far too much salad on the side for my liking but the charred onions were an excellent touch as well.

Had I been on the sauce beforehand I think I would have loved this place but as it stands I'll just say I think you can find better. Where should I try next?

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  1. Mmmm I have not had a kebab in way too long!

  2. Mixed Grill from Anatolia on Mare Street beats anywhere in Dalston (although Yeni Umut 2000 runs it close). The original Mangal I on Arcola Street is superior to Mangal II. I know farr too much about kebabs in east London.

  3. If you don't mind a schlep go to Ekin. Kilburn overground or Bakerloo underground, I have not found better in London. Sadly (if you like it) no doner but their grilled meats rock. They have a website but are on Belsize Road NW6. Not quite as good but none the less decent are Crystal in Wood Green or Vrisaki in Bounds Green although I haven't been there in a while. Enjoy.

  4. Cheers Anons - will check out your tips!