Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New years resolutions...

The longest I’ve been without a drink since I turned eighteen is a week. Seven days on antibiotics when I had my wisdom teeth out sometime in the early naughties...

Drinking has always been the norm for me; I lived in a pub for years figuratively and literally when I worked in the trade. Whilst I always try to have a couple days off between drinks recently I’ve got into the habit of drinking on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and most likely Sunday as well.

It’s not from any particular need to drink it’s just that when you are busy you only tend to have time to organise simple things. Meeting friends in a pub is easy so it’s what we normally do...

Then there was Christmas; December seemed to turn into a month long piss up. By the end my kidneys ache, my skin is dry as tinder, and my heart is beating faster than a mouse on coke.

With that in mind I’ve decided to give dry January a go. One whole month without booze. Part of me is actually petrified but luckily another part, probably my liver, is actually screaming with joy.

I’m giving up the fags again as well but hopefully this will be the last time I quit. Did I mention I’ve joined the gym as well... What resolutions have you made?


  1. "They" say 2-3 consecutive dry days a week is much better than a dry month for your liver, and I don't doubt that, but a dry month is good for your soul and mind too I think. I've done it a few times now and even went as long as Feb 24th one year. A scotch tasted damn fine after that! Good luck. Jim

  2. 13 years ago, 2000 - The Millennium, I resolved never to make any more resolutions. So far it is the only New Years Resolution that I have ever kept.