Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lunchy Peach at the Coach and Horses

Simply stunning; MiMi Aye and Tim Anderson’s Lunchy Peach was one of the best lunches I’ve had in a fucking long time. The menu was inspired by David Changs stint at St John’s earlier in the year but the recipes had been given a little tweaking along the way.

We started with some pork scratchings; this really did help set the theme of the afternoon...

The first dish proper was a humble pork belly bun and it was spot on!  The juicy meat, mustard daikon, and soft bun was a deliciously simple combo but really well executed.

I loved the presentation of the crispy brawn with Gochujang mayo; looking almost like a spam fritter it was a quirky take on a rustic dish. It was great though; crispy panko crumb on the outside, rich brawn in the middle, and a spicy mayo to help cut through the grease.

The Spicy Sausage in Mandalay Mohntee sauce and rice cakes was the standout dish of the day. Topped with fresh herbs, crispy leek root, and pickled chilli this fiery little bowl of awesome really impressed me but I'm still not sure how I feel about the glutinous nature of the rice cakes.

Frozen foie gras was up next and possibly the only dud of the afternoon. The foie had been microplaned onto a gel made from Gewürztraminer and pickled lychee then served with a pine nut tuile.

It was a bit weird to be honest and was all a bit too smooth texturally. I quite enjoyed how light it was; the foie melting instantly in the mouth, giving you all the flavour without any heaviness so it had it's plus points.

Luckily it didn’t take up much space because the next course was a huge pile of Bo Ssam; basically pulled pork shoulder, with some amazing dippy sauces and kimchee.  I was stuffed already but tucked in as well as I could and I made sure we snaffled a load of the left overs for a snack later.

The Cereal Mik™ was another odd one; set cereal milk tasted basically of horlicks served with avocado gelato and a chocolate and hazelnut biscuit. It wasn’t that sweet but it was quite texturally pleasing, the milk working well with the avocado and biscuit thing.

Alongside the food we went for the matched wines which meant by the end of the afternoon I’d drank a bottle of wine to myself. The tube ride home was mostly spent trying to fight off the pork coma but once safely home I crawled under my duvet happy and sated and dreamt porky dreams...

I really hope they do another soon. Some more (better) photos of the lunch from Karohemd here.


  1. Thank you so much for coming and glad you enjoyed it!

    Super-chuffed that you thought one of my dishes was the stand-out, and love that you doggy-bagged my Bo Ssam :)

  2. It looks like an awesome lunch and one of the very few reasons I'm sad I moved to Brighton... Out of interest, what was the tin foil duck hiding?

    1. It was hiding thelovely Bo Ssam pulled pork! I started a bit of a trend for foil animals :^)