Monday, 10 September 2012

See Woo Cash and Carry - Greenwich

See Woo Cash and Carry could possibly be my new favourite thing in London.  Fifty really good Pork and Chinese leaf pot sticker dumplings for £7.45; yes please!

It’s probably a bit wrong that I get excited about food shopping but I love a bargain so it can’t be helped.  Just maybe leave any issues with food miles at the door...


  1. Some of the things seem like a good deal, but isn't so. The service like most Chinese supermarkets, is very poor. Off hand at best, rude and choppy at other times. It's must be hell working here during winter. There is no heating, the staff are clearly suffering. As a customer, it is like walking around on a cold storage facility. It is usually warmer outside. How the management haven't been taken to dock over lack of care to customers and staff, I really don't know. Across the road in Sainsbury's is shopping heaven. The produce is both cheaper and fresher. See Woo, see you in court soon.

    1. Fair play it's a bit cold; it's a warehouse. I got pretty good service and they bagged my shopping without asking. If you are measuring see woo against Sainsburys you are probably missing the point.