Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chorizo Croquetas

I can’t think of many things that aren’t made better with the addition of bread crumbs and a short bout in the deep fryer? It seems a lot of people agree out there as well; whether it’s your bitterballen, butter balls, arancini, mac and cheese balls, or the Spanish Croquetas you’ll find different versions all over the place!

It’s fair to say there has been a lot interest recently in London though for Croquetas; mainly because of the ongoing success of Jose Pizaro and using his recipe as the base for these I can certainly see why! For me they are an ideal drinking snack and really come to life when eaten burning hot with an ice cold beer.

My local deli was out of Iberico when I was shopping last week so I had to go a little rogue from his original recipe but I’m extremely happy with the results. For recipe guidance check out what Felicity Cloake has written here.

Proper lazy blogging this but I don’t think I could explain it any better so I won’t. As I’ve used Chorizo you’ll need a drop less olive oil and I added a healthy handful of Grana Padano to my roux mix as well to beef up the savoury edge.

Job done; time for a lie down...


  1. They look totally amazing. I've never made croquettas - I've always wondered how that bechemel is stiff enough to fry.

  2. I think the first time you make them it is pretty scary you just expect the balls to explode in the fryer but if you have faith and follow the recipes you'll be well pleased! I'm gonna try making some beef shin and bone marrow kroketten soon as well. Basically bigger BEEFY balls. Love em!

  3. that looks fab! it always struck me as something difficult and fiddly to make though! and like lizzie I always wondered how to get that bechamel stiff enough to fry. I went to spain in december and had a similar chorizo version there, scrummy.