Wednesday, 2 March 2011

How not to do does Berlin...

Berlin doesn't need much of an introduction for most people.  Centre of some of the most dramatic events of the last century it's a city that has dealt with a lot of change.  It’s seen some dark days and still has the wounds to show it but I think this makes it all the more interesting.

Old and new sit comfortably next to each other and modern Berlin is vibrant, young and definitely very confident.  It’s easy to forget that only a little over twenty years ago it was divided by a huge great wall!

I’ve just got back from five days there and I think I barely scratched the surface.  With so many bars, clubs and galleries there is a lot to see.  It's almost like a cleaner, friendlier East London at times!  Food is odd one though...

The pig is king here and Wurst is a staple and you’ll have probably heard about Schnitzel as well?  It’s technically Austrian but they love it in Germany...  Cheese dumplings were a new one on me though, Käseknödel mit Parmesan sauce anyone?  Exactly!

Weird cheese-balls aside there is a lot of good food available if you know where to look.  Grab a guide book and jump on the U-Bahn and you can get some amazing treats but more on those later!  I'll write some reviews of the places I think you should try soon, so you don't have to make the same mistakes as me.

In the mean time though you can check out some of my more interesting photos over at hownottodoa.tumblr over the next few days or so as well.


  1. I felt exactly the same way- we spent 5 days there over Christmas and I'm already itching to go back- we found some great coffee places in Prenzlauer Berg that I'd love to pop back into when the sun was shining (it was minus 18 when we were there...)

  2. It is fantastic round there when the sun is shining. We spent a sunny Sunday there walking around a flea market in Prenzlauer Berg. It was really bright but still probably just above freezing point in the shade so totally agree would love to go back when it's warm. The whole city looks like it would be amazing in the warm. I can imagine lazy afternoons sat in bars carrying on till the wee hours would be fantastic!