Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Bird - Amfalk Platz, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Until I’d moved to London and tried the delights of the #Meateasy and the like there is no way you’d have ever got me in a boiger joint on holiday.  I just wouldn’t have actively sought out an American restaurant but I’m really glad we took the time to find The Bird!

This bare brick neighbourhood joint is tucked out of the way just off the Schonhauser Allee but well worth a visit.  Just walking in the door you know you’ve made the right choice as the atmosphere is buzzing.

On our visit it was rammed, you couldn’t even stand at the bar...  Thankfully the hostess offered to take our number and call when a table was free.  Already I loved the service and we hadn’t even been sat yet.

Thirty minutes later and we were back through the door and being guided to our table.  They don’t fuck around here and within minutes we’ve got beers and are ordering food!

Timeout tells us that The Bird is owned by New Yorkers and judging by the menu they are straight out of Brooklyn…  The burgers come medium rare, you start off with the Ghetto Burger and work up from there. 

Add cheese and it’s the Ghetto deluxe.  The Big Crack is a meaty take on the McDonalds classic, You want it all?  Well that’s Da Woiks and you kinda get the picture. 

We start with a portion of the wings; a disclaimer on the menu tells us they used to be buffalo but you can’t always get the ingredients so now they are just plain old wings.  They are simple, spicy and moist!  They are exactly what I want them to be.

What about the burger then?  I went for the Ghetto Deluxe and added bacon.  It would have been rude not to really?

The meat is juicy, well seasoned and there is lots of it.  The patties thick and really well cooked.  The American cheese on my deluxe oozes round the meat and spills out onto my hands as I get hold of my prey.

The bun, if you can call it that, turns out to be a muffin.  This is one thing that lets the otherwise perfect meal down but it stays together well and defiantly absorbs a lot of the juices.

The fries are hand cut and as you can see there are acres of them.  They do not get eaten despite being delicious as the burger alone is enough to fill me up.

The price for this massive feast?  Well with four beers it was barely above forty euro so it’s gentle on the wallet as well.  Definitely one to try for the hungry tight-fisted traveller.

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  1. Wow that is so...looks very tasty! In addition, Germans have a great beer.