Monday, 6 September 2010

LED Festival - London Fields, Hackney

Rain, Fairground rides and crap food were not exactly what I was expecting when we trotted down to London Fields in Hackney to check out the LED Festival.

We started the day with some really good Vietnamese at Tres Viet and a few pints in the Dolphin before we headed down so we were in really good spirits and the down pour didn’t stop us having a good time.

The stages were well spread out but considering the number of them I was surprised by how large the site was. That or less people turned up than expected but it made getting to the bars really easy though.

A bit too easy in all honesty as despite dancing till the end of the night I can’t really say much about any of the acts. As we were chatting, having a good time and more importantly filling our boots with delicious Cider.

Drunkenly we ate distinctly average Cheeseburgers to keep us going through the day as I really didn't see much else on offer... We did get it together though for Leftfield, closing the night with a storming ambient set that got people smiling if not dancing much as the mud, cold and bar prices seemed to have sent a few people packing earlier in the day.

Goldfrapps' turn was less exciting. Playing mostly new songs that didn't get people going with only a couple of old favourites to keep her older fans happy.

As we were leaving sadly it felt reminiscent of a football match; we were herded together shortly out of the gates and not allowed to leave for a while by the Police.

LED definitely needs some work but shows promise, going up against Creamfields, Reading and Leeds is not going to get many through your doors and you'll always struggle with your line-up but we had a good time.

With no trouble to speak of the day went off without too much of a bang but a little bit of sunshine would have made this a scorcher!

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