Saturday, 29 May 2010

Pannier Market - Granary Wharf, Leeds

Getting out of bed on this cold and wet Saturday morning was tougher than I’d expected. Hampered by the beginnings of a pounding hangover I wasn’t sure that going out to stand in the rain was a good idea but needs must. I had to find out what all the fuss was about with the new Pannier Market based at Granary Wharf, we braved the rain to head down.

Walking along the canal all seemed quite quiet when we got there at ten, I was expecting to see the stalls out on the little square but It quickly dawned on me that the whole thing was inside, the developers opened up the empty shops to let the stall holders set up inside. Perfect as the rain slowly running down my face was not doing my headache any favours.

We had a cheeky cuppa in the City Inn as people were still setting up but when we wandered over again it was getting into the swing of it. There is a really good mix of food and crafts on offer. The Pannier Market is definitely pushing the creative angle with an interesting selection of stalls, it was good to see Memo Helen down there with Larry the Squirrel as well.

Food wise we weren’t left wanting either, Calderdale Cheese had an impressive selection of wares and we left with some of the Cheddar and fresh milk in a bottle. I had to get some of Olley and Olley’s Sausages, I’m only writing this now as they’ve helped coax me back into the world of the living after a very restorative Cumberland Sausage sandwich.

My star of the show? Brown and Blondes cakes and fancies… The Malteser Brownie was awesome and the Meringues looked like little clouds waiting to float into my mouth. We walked away with some so I’ll show you the results soon enough.

All in all it’s inspired me to take the next step and I think I’ll be setting up my own stall soon enough, I can’t do it for June because of Glastonbury but watch this space. Now to just decide what to do!

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