Monday, 9 July 2012

Wireless 2012 - Hyde Park

Wireless happened at the weekend. Hyde Park was turned into a sea of mud with 65,000 people coming together to get shitted in the rain.

You can’t really expect an event in the middle of London to be anything less than a corporate affair but this was pretty shocking. I won’t dwell on it too much but I’ve never seen such a shameless mess of sponsorship anywhere else.

We were there for the Sunday and one thing only anyway and that was to see Rihanna. It did mean we had to wade threw a day of no name pop wanksters (Cher Lloyd anyone?) but we had cider in hand so it wasn’t all bad.

Standing out from the chavalanche though on the Barclaycard Unwind stage (it galls me to give its proper name) was Kreayshawn. She got the crowd going with some pretty sweet alt-hip-hop but the biggest cheers came when she dropped Gucci Gucci.

Highlights of the day include watching people struggling through the mud in their formerly shiny white trainers, an excellent set up at the bars ensuring swift service every time, and a portion of kebab meat and chips on the way home.

Rihanna was of course amazing but Wireless is about as far removed from a festival as you can be. In short roll on Wilderness.


  1. The pepsi max stage had some decent acts: calvin harris, kaskade etc

    1. I don't mind Calvin Harris, I saw him a few times when I lived up in Leeds. I think we were stuck queueing for the loos when he was on though.