Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Hawksmoor Bar - Commercial Road, E1

Hawksmoor have quite successfully made a reputation for cooking some of the best steaks in London but I’d only ever eaten in the Seven Dials outpost before now.  Having seen a piece in TimeOut about London’s 100 best dishes I thought I’d make the effort to check out the Spitalfields branch as well.

I was there for one thing; the Short-rib French Dip.  It looked amazing in the article; sad I know but for me you can’t beat slow cooked beef and bone marrow, it’s a sexy combination.
Needless to say we ordered a few other things and got stuck into some cocktails as well.  What can I say about the food?  Quite simply the guys in the kitchen do things with beef that can make grown men weep with happiness.

The Short-rib roll was absolute heaven; that perfect combination of tender juicy meat, oozing cheese, and soft white bread dipped into rich and incredibly addictive bone marrow gravy is unbeatable.  For me it is the best plate of food I've eaten in London without equal; I ordered a second jug of bone marrow gravy just to be sure...

I know blah blah subjectivity but fuck it; go try it and if you disagree just let me know!  What they don’t know about making gravy just isn't worth knowing because they've really fucking cracked it.

The Oxtail Poutine was great as well; slow cooked shredded oxtail with rich gravy over cheesy chips.  What’s not to like?  Short-rib Nuggets went down well; that same rich tender beef with cheese breaded and deep fried like little crunchy bites of beefy sex.

To balance out all this meat and cheese we had some of the smashed cucumbers which helped to cut through all that cardiac arrest inducing grease.  As did the lethal cocktails; the perfect combo.

More photos here.

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  1. Yeah. Was awesome tasty. Just not a great location for me, but perhaps that's as well or I'd be there too often?!

    1. I'm with you on that one, if it were closer I'd probably be in every week!

  2. i agree that the poutine and the short-rib dip are pretty ace. They do a decent larp as well, really enjoyed it. That said there were one or two dishes that disappointed on the bar menu, but i can't remember what ones they were, my head is still too full of that short rib....