Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Spuntino - Rupert Street, Soho W1

With my finger firmly on the pulse as usual I've finally got round to checking out Spuntino... We went down with friends on a sleepy Sunday after a little bit of window shopping round some of Soho’s more family friendly shops.

As we walked in at twelve and took our seats the place was full within minutes with people being turned away by quarter past. It wasn’t quite the trendy after work crowd you might normally expect of Spuntino as a family took up roost opposite us at the bar and the kids started colouring away while the parents chatted.

I started with a beer and then we had a bit of an argument as we made the painful decision of what could be shared...

The Egg and Soldiers came out first, very simple and delicately coated in a Savoury Scotch style crumb it was perfectly cooked. The Pea, Radish and Ricotta Crostini were fantastic. The earthy life giving richness of the peas was very welcome to my hung over frame.

The zucchini and mint pizzetti was crisp, fresh and delicious. Very good but after having the Pork Shoulder and Pickled Pepper version at Polpetto it sadly paled in comparison.

The Truffled Egg Toast was frankly mental, so rich and surprisingly moreish considering the heart clogging amounts of melted cheese. It was one to share and a fantastic dish for a lazy Sunday brunch.

Onto to the Sliders and I’ve got to say I was actually disappointed by the ground beef and bone marrow. I’ve had a lot of good burgers recently and for me it was a little bit over cooked and just wasn’t as juicy as it could have been.

The Pulled Pork was excellent though... Words escaped me as I took my first mouthful of juicy sweet pork and felt that welcome crunch of crackling as well. A smile just crept over my face as I quietly devoured it hoping no one would ask to try it.

Do I like the fact they don't take bookings? No and I probably won't be queuing up outside either but if I'm walking past and I spy a stool is free I think I could be easily tempted in again!

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