Monday, 26 September 2011

The Rib Man

Best Ribs in London? That statement doesn’t do it justice. The rib meat sandwich on its own is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

When you add that fucking amazing HOT sauce into the equation you are walking into mouth sex territory. It’s filthy, filthy food porn basically.

Sticky, juicy, sexy, sweet and HOT! If you like pork and you like hot sauce you need a rib meat sandwich in your face.

Visit the web site, find out where he is going to be and go down and try it for yourself! If you need any more convincing read a more lucid review from Food Stories here.


  1. I had one of these on Saturday just by the Hungerford Bridge...

    Made a bit of a mess of my shirt... But absolutely gorgeous... Drool.

    The lady that served me asked coyly if I wanted any "holy fuck" sauce, and of course I replied "oui mon petit fleur".

    She turned around to the other staff and said... "Do I ave to use those words?" To which the reply came... "yes, it's what the customers want!"

    All very amusing, like a cabaret.

  2. I was there on Saturday as well, she wouldn't say holy fuck! It was just Hot Sauce when I asked. Best sauce I've ever had, must get the recipe somehow! I'm drooling thinking about it now...

  3. I like the, slightly breathless, and unlucid review here! Good sticky ribs with hot-as-fuck sauce are about as close to a food-gasm as you can get in a sandwich. All that messy, gooey sticky meat. Now I really want one. I'm off to find out where they are next!

  4. I had Anna Mae's Smokehouse pulled pork - a worthy rival?

    I only saw these guys when I was walking back over to Embankment... will track it down!

  5. DO IT! Find out where he will be and go eat some.

    @Trough Not had Anna Mae's so won't comment just yet but it would have to be seriously good to even get close to the Ribman!

  6. Awesome post, I'm going to hunt him down as they look delicious!