Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pitza Cano - Hyde Park, Leeds

Time is flying past at the moment like some kind of terrible juggernaut determined to scare the shit out of me! We are moving soon, next week in fact. We are taking the plunge and will be heading to the smoke.

It’s suddenly time to be putting things in boxes and I’ve realised I’ve kind of been hiding the facts from my brain so as not to startle it. This might explain why I’ve been unable to sleep recently.

It’s not that I don’t want to go, far from it, just that my coping mechanism is clearly to just not think about it. This kind of explains the quiet period for how not to do a food blog...

I had intended to do a couple of posts about the things I’ll miss but every time I’ve headed out the door to do some research recently I’ve basically come home drunk.

I’ve been saying goodbye to close friends in the only way I know how and that’s by going to the boozer! I’m a British man and by god I can’t express my emotions properly unless I’ve had a drink otherwise it’s just not bloody done is it?!?

I think I’ll have to do a retrospective of my favourite places, I’ll be heading up to Leeds every month for work still so it’ll make me head out of the hotel and go to all the places I love but just haven’t written about yet.

Before I ramble on any further though I will let you know the reason I’m writing today, my favourite food and you can guess from the picture what it’s going to be.

Pitza Cano is one of the most consistently good purveyors of Pizza I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting and ordering from. I’ve probably had a pizza from here at least once every week for the last year or so and I’ve not been disappointed yet.

For five English pounds they will bring the this beautiful sticky mess of cheese, meat and sauce to your door. I only have to give them my phone number and they know where it’s going and I’ve ordered practically the same thing every time.

Pepperoni god how I love you, sometimes I go crazy and get some chopped Anchovies thrown into the mix but that’s only occasionally.

For me finding a Pizza place that delivers (in all senses of the word) is really important, I eat them drunk or sober. When I’m alone or with friends it’s a do all food stuff in my opinion.

It’s often the cause of arguments in our house, I’ll always ask if the Lady wants one. She’ll always say no but still will try and steal a slice or two. She’ll kill me for saying that. Anyway Pitza Cano this is my goodbye, I’ll miss you!

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