Sunday, 18 July 2010

Byron Burger - Canary Wharf

There isn't a lot to say that hasn't already been said about Byron Burger.  I checked out the Canary Wharf branch on my second day in London.  In all honesty I'd been waiting quite a while to try them again after catching their shack at Park Life.

I've got to assume the branch is one of the newer openings as I've never seen more staff on the floor anywhere. More than the customers by far and it was hard to work out who was who as they were eating in the front of house as well.

To put it simply the burger was great, it goes without saying that Byron know how to cook their meat. I'd gone for the “Byron” with American cheese instead of mature cheddar, I've got to be honest and say I don’t think mature cheddar has any place in a burger.

The Courgette fries were good and the ordinary fries were passable. We quickly worked out they weren’t home cut.  A chef wandered past our table struggling under the weight of several bags full of fries.

This was the first faux pas in my books. The second was when the waiter rolled his eyes at us for wanting to share a burger and two sides. We popped in mid-afternoon on a whim and had already eaten so ordering more would have been pure gluttony.

I've got to say I will definitely be going back, despite the little niggles, to try out the other outlets. The food is good and the service was quick and efficient. The decor is definitely trendy and very modern; bare walls, exposed electrical wiring ducts and open ventilation vents. Very much my kind of place in that sense and I love the school style chairs.

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  1. Agree with you on:
    a.The school seats
    b.The mature cheddar.
    (I'm ashamed to admit this but am rather partial to a Dairylea plastic cheese slice on my burger...)

  2. Good write up - shame about the staff though. If you get the chance, the Islington branch is pretty good and there is no eye-rolling there.

    I agree re the fries, and i'm not the biggest fan of the courgette one;s either, but those burgers. Mmmm-mmm. Sheer beefy heaven.

  3. @Northern Snippet - There is no shame in liking plastic cheese on burgers! It's how it should be done, I love how gooey it goes rather than staying firm, effecting the texture of the finished product.

    @Grubworm - Cheers, I'm sure it might be the time I went in... That awkward mid-afternoon lull but to be honest the waiter could have slapped me and I'd still be pleased with the burger

  4. I've had no problems with eye rolling at the Canary Wharf branch, how ever as far as I'm concerned anyone ordering one burger and two sides for two at a burger joint thoroughly derserves it, it's hardly their fault you decided to review the restaurant after already eating!

  5. @Matthew basically the dude is allowed to think we were cheap but letting the customer know it is a no no in my books. I've been back lots of times now, but I prefer the Soho branch now to be honest. Byron is definitely one of my favourite burger joints in London. There are better but for consistency you could get a lot worse!

  6. @Matthew don't get angry. There is not a perfect branch. The critic is constructive. As a whole the review was positive. I love Byron but I don't think it's required to order a lot in order to eat there.

  7. Good:
    Was at Byron Canary Wharf this evening. the staff were friendy and prompt in allocating a nice big table for our party of 8.

    Actually I am surprised I did not walk out.
    They ran out of almost everything we tried to order!

    No Vanilla Milkshake, No Strawberry Milkshake, No Ice Lemon Tea, No Root Beer, No Lemonade and Not even soap in the toilet.

    The spanish waiter's response:

    "Sorry but it's not my fault. It's the bank holiday weekend and there was no way we can get deliveries today"

    We enjoyed the evening with the good, simple, tasty food.All I can say is, poor inventory management.