Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bubbledogs - Charlotte Street, W1

Bubbledogs is old, in London terms at least, they've just celebrated their second birthday.  Given I'm a whore for hot dogs I thought it was about time I wrote about one of Londons fancier options...

If you've lived under a rock for the last two years Bubbledogs is essentially the Champagne bar front of James Knappett's Kitchen Table.  They just happen to sell hot dogs as well.

The selection of champagne is fantastic; ranging from £6 to £10 per glass and £30 odd upwards by the bottle.  If you like bubbly you are sorted basically but I'm going to talk about the hot dogs.  They make their own franks and you can get them in either pork, beef, or veggie.

For some reason I didn't order the veggie option but meat wise I couldn't really fault them.  The pork frank is delicious and probably my favourite of the two.  That perfect mix of sweet and savoury with a great snap to the sausage when you bite down.

The beef dog is probably a bit heavier spiced than your traditional all beef weiner.  Though that could have been the fact I was chowing down on the Sloppy Joe, basically spicy beef chilli topped with cheese, so my taste buds were getting a battering from that heat.

Next up I had the Buffalo which is an absolute must if you like hot sauce.  Spicy buffalo sauce, celery, and blue cheese make this one tasty if messy little fucker.  I ended up walking round with hot sauce all down my shirt for the rest of the day thanks to this one so be CAREFULL.

For completeness sake and out of sheer greediness we got the New Yorker as well.  Topped with saurkraut it's probably the most traditional thing on the menu but it delivers and it's a welcome reprieve for your taste buds after smashing back all that hot sauce.

The tater tots are worthy of a special mention as well.  I'm hard pushed to thing of a better example in London at the moment?

If you like hot dogs then a visit here is a must.

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