Thursday, 23 August 2012

Burger and Lobster - Mayfair

With Burger and Lobster opening a second branch in Soho I thought I’d trot down to Mayfair to see if it was any easier to get a table.  The short answer no; the long answer it seems is that you are waiting longer than ever.

If you didn’t know Burger and Lobster doesn’t take bookings; making them the hunger equivalent of a game of chicken.  While you wait a seemingly arbitrary time for them to call from a nearby hostelry you hope that you can hold off the booze, hunger, boredom tri-factor till you get your table...

I’ve tried eating here quite a few times but it’s been 50/50 whether we’ve succeeded or walked off.  Which makes it all the more frustrating as the burger is one of the best in London by a long way.

The lobster roll is pretty tasty as well, throw in some great booze, excellent service once you get through the door, and you’ve got the makings of an excellent little restaurant.  Albeit painfully oversubscribed but still I can’t help loving the place...

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  1. You got the burger? I didn't think anyone got the burger.

  2. The burger is brilliant! I always see loads of them getting served as well. Fair play it's pricey compared to some but the way I see it I'd prefer to have an expensive burger than a cheap lobster.

  3. There's one of these opening up just round the corner from where i work. Just sayin'... ;)

    Good to know the burger is that good, i'll give it a whirl as soon as B&L on St John St opens it's colourful gates.

  4. expensive burger over cheap lobster? I'm confused about your logic... I am so pleased they've opened one on Dean Street, right by work!

    1. I'm often confused by my logic; cheap lobster just doesn't appeal to me. They are too small for my liking. I'm pretty sure you can order a normal sized one off menu though for a bit more.