Monday, 5 April 2010

Arcadia - Arndale Centre, Otley Road, Headingley

I did promise I'd be back for a review; this place is hard to resist to be honest. Headingley over a Bank Holiday weekend is an odd place, same as Christmas and New Years, Bank Holidays bring out the crazies and those who normally shouldn't be drinking.

We walked up past the Oak and Rack both with huge queues outside and it was the same story at the Box. All full of drunken chavs and students that hadn't gone home.

When you do make it up to the Arndale Centre it seems the world has calmed down again and Arcadia sits there ready to take you in, all relaxed and welcoming.

Despite being within stumbling distance of the other more well known pubs in Headingley Arcadia is far more sedate, though busy it has a much more chilled out atmosphere and doesn't seem to attract the idiots.

We took up residency near the bar, optimum distance between the drinks and toilets and settled in for good sit, drink and chat.

Thanks to Arcadia I've found another Lager now that I'm absolutely in love with. Kaltenburg Hell is gorgeous, devilishly moreish and despite its name quite light at just over 4% ABV and definitely my drink of choice in this fine establishment.

We'd gone down with some of the Lady's friends and they were on Red so didn't really get to try to many of the ever changing list of beers on offer.

Arcadia does attract some students still, I'd say mostly 3rd years or those doing MA's and people that came to Headingley as students and never moved away.

There are one or two old chaps out for the beer but overall it's a good mix of people and a great atmosphere. Arcadia is definitely a refreshing change from the other bars in Headingley and very high on my list of recommendations for places to go for a good pint in Leeds.


  1. Hmm...Great minds and all that!

  2. Arcadia is the only place in Headingley to get a decent pint - I can personally guarantee that!!