Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fuji Hiro - Wade Lane, Leeds

What a little gem... Fuji Hiro is great, the lady has been raving about it for ages but I got my first chance to try it out yesterday. We’d been bowling in the Merrion centre and as usual I’d kicked arse despite having a bit of an off day only bowling a 161 and a 130 something.

Fuji Hiro is tucked well out of the way on Wade lane and looks like it would not be out of place in a film noir movie, very bleak and minimalist inside. Just wooden tables, a bar at one end and the kitchen in the back.

I love this kind of place as you know it’s all about the food and the food alone. It’s a noodle bar so don’t expect to find anything too unusual on the menu but do make sure you come here hungry.

I’m sure they were trying to kill me with my meal, the biggest plate of Spicy Chicken Men I’ve ever seen, the noodles coated in a sticky peanut and chilli sauce.

The Chicken Ramen came out in a suitably big dish as well with a deliciously subtle savoury broth with it and salad of bean sprouts on the side.

If you are ordering food you can have free green tea with your meals making this even better value definitely try this place out if you love large portions and noodles in all their forms. It’s really good value as well and definitely seems to get by on its reputation alone.

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  1. Good review - thanks. This is somewhere I've been meaning to try out for a while. Have you been to Little Tokyo?

  2. Not been to Little Tokyo yet, again it's another on the list to do. I do like Yo! Sushi and Sisushi was alright for a takeaway, bit unskilled but it was passable. Not sure if it's there anymore though?