Thursday, 15 October 2009

Oktoberfest - Hudderfield Beer Festival

We got into Hudderfield shortly after 11 to a gloriously sunny reception and moods were high despite an outbreak of really fine rain blowing in all directions mischieviously bypassing any attempts to stay dry with an umbrella.

After a short walk to the Sikh Leisure Centre (Beer Festivals truly are glamorous events) just by the Grove Pub we were there and ready for the festivities! Standard set up inside...

Pay your dues, get your vouchers and start drinking and this is where the trouble started for me as I perhaps enjoyed the drinking a bit too much... my notes appear to have vanished as does the list of beers and my special edition glass!

With so many beers on offer it's difficult to talk at length about them all... Golcar Breweries devilish Guthlac's Porter was an absolute treat, warm coffee notes bitter sweet finish and at 5% it had some weight behind it.

Fullers 1845 stands out as well, I've been a fan of London Pride for years now and 1845 didn't let me down, much heavier than pride so definitely not a session beer and at 6.3% it would kick your head in if given the chance.

Much fun was had hundreds of photos were taken and I got on a train a little bit past 9 in the evening to return to Leeds quite drunk, full of beer and ready for my lady to laugh at my state upon my arrival!

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